Congratulations Torquay Elementary and Lillooet REC Centre!

British Columbians have spoken. Torquay Elementary and Lillooet REC Centre are the winners. Each play space will receive revitalizations worth up to $100,000!

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Torquay Elementary Playground

Vancouver Island/Coast

  • Category: After School Program Facilities
  • Location: 4413 Torquay Drive, Victoria, BC V8N 3L3

Potential Improvements

In December 2015, without much notice our wooden play structure at our school was removed as it was deemed unsafe. What is left is a large space with an old wood chip base and a few old tires chained together. This current site is a “sad space“ with nothing for kids to do. And in the winter months the upper play fields are closed due to water saturation. We have been trying hard to raise the funds needed for a new playground. The Torquay PAC has had Spring Fairs, cupcake sales, garage sales, money drives, etc. Over the past 3 years our small multicultural school and surrounding community has been able to raise $20k of the $100k needed for the new playground. As you can see at this rate many of our children will graduate from elementary school before there is anything in place. We propose a new playground that creates a “happy place” for all ages. One that provides some small canopies for hiding, all the other great, fun stuff kids love, like slides, tunnels, monkey bars, pretend store counter, zip line, etc. A playground that allows them to use their imaginations while keeping them physically active and fit. Check out our video to see what our proposed playground looks like.

Community Impact

We asked a group of kids at Torquay Elementary School how they would feel if they won a new playground from BCAA and without prompting they began to jump up and down cheering and then they joined in a conga line and were alternating arm waves with singing “happy, happy, happy” over and over. It was clear what winning this playground prize would mean to our kids. The old wooden play structure at Torquay Elementary was well loved and used by all the children at the school, their younger siblings, the Kids Club program, home based day-cares and all the neighbouring children. It brought our community together by connecting parents, grandparents and community members while watching their children play. Help us restore this community connection!

Lillooet REC Centre Playground


  • Category: Recreational & Active Living
  • Location: 930 Main street, Lillooet BC, V0K1V0

Potential Improvements

This is the main open space lawn in our community. It is used for many community events; for example:regular summer Movie Nights, annual Classic Car exhibitions, our annual Apricot Festival with evening outdoor dance, organized children's programs as well as providing a town center family hang out for free-time activities. Given these many activities, sometimes supervised, sometimes unsupervised, having playground equipment that represents modern safety standards and a variety of activities for children is important. The risk of injury can be reduced by designing age and developmentally appropriate play areas, and by providing soft surfaces under and around the playground. The Playground will be checked regularly by district staff. The Playground will be built using current guideline and safety standards. This will be a playground that is accessible to all. It will be located centrally in town in an area that can be accessed all the time. Our goals are:To promote active lifestyle and support the physical and emotional development of local children. To promote access and inclusion to children of all ages and abilities. To bridge gaps between diverse groups and increase community engagement and collaboration at all stages

Community Impact

In 2013 the Lillooet Children First Committee conducted a community needs survey. 90% of respondents said they wished Lillooet had a playground in the town centre. Health Area #29 Lillooet ranks third worst in B.C. for the Composite Index of Human Economic Hardship. The Early Development Instrument results have consistently shown Lillooet to have one of the most vulnerable kindergarten populations in the entire province. Children and families in our community need access to free programs and activities. Playgrounds are essential basic tools for nurturing the developmental needs of young children. Playgrounds promote active lifestyle and enjoyment of the outdoors. They increase socializing amongst parents and bridge diverse social groups.


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