BCAA Play Here 2020 Update

To ensure the health of our communities and support social distancing, the launch of BCAA Play Here 2020 has been put on hold and play space nominations are not being accepted at this time.

BCAA Play Here is committed to bringing people together by creating places to connect, play and learn. We are monitoring the development of COVID-19 to help determine the next steps for our program, and the best way we can help make a difference during these uncertain times.

For updates on the status of BCAA Play Here, please follow BCAA on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or check back here.

In the meantime, we encourage communities to rally together by committing to stay apart. If we work together to flatten the curve, we will come out stronger on the other side.


About BCAA Play Here

BCAA has a long history of protecting communities in BC, and we know that strong communities start with a great place to play. BCAA Play Here not only provides better places for kids to play and develop valuable life skills, it also provides a place for parents/caregivers to connect, support one another and come together as a community.

BCAA Play Here is looking for play spaces around the province that are in need of an update. Play spaces can be more than just playgrounds - it could be a community garden, outdoor classroom, basketball court, youth program facility or even a music room – if it’s a place to play, gather and learn, we want to know how it can be improved and how it will impact your community.

Six finalists will be chosen by our judges for voting by British Columbians - at the end of the contest period, the three play spaces with the greatest number of votes will each receive revitalizations worth up to $100,000 and the remaining three finalists will be awarded runner-up prizes - ensuring everyone is one step closer to realizing their play space dreams!