Congratulations 2018 winners!

Congratulations Cache Creek Elementary School Playground, École North Oyster School, and Mackenzie Recreation Centre/John Dahl Park!

British Columbians have spoken. Cache Creek Elementary School Playground, École North Oyster School, and Mackenzie Recreation Centre/John Dahl Park are the winners. Each play space will receive revitalizations worth up to $100,000!

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I’m having issues with voting using Google/Twitter/Facebook/email.

From time to time, voting issues can arise depending on an individual’s settings on their device, applications, and/or browser.
If you’re experiencing issues with voting in a specific scenario, please ensure you try the following trouble-shooting tips: 

• Try to vote via another browser or device. (i.e. if having issues voting on mobile, try a desktop or try a different browser on your device) 

• Go to to vote directly from your browser using your preferred voting method instead of clicking a link from within another app like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. 

• Review your privacy settings to ensure you haven’t de-authorized 3rd party apps within your preferred voting method or blocked the request previously.

• Check to see if you have an ad-blocking plug-in which is blocking the request to vote. • Clear cache and cookies. Sometimes these can become corrupted and need to be cleared out.

• Switch to a different network if the network you’re currently on blocks social sites (i.e. switch to LTE instead of public WIFI for example).

• If voting by email, ensure you have entered your email address correctly. 

• Ensure you check your junk/spam mail folder to verify your email address – this has to be done every time an email is used to vote.  

If you’ve tried all the above trouble-shooting methods and are still experiencing issues, let us know at but please ensure you include the following information: 

• Description of your issue

• If voting via email method, the email used to vote 

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  1. What type of play spaces are eligible to be nominated? 
    BCAA is looking for play spaces around the province that need rejuvenation. It can be an outdoor or indoor place space such as a playground, park, community garden, music room, an after-school study area or really any play space where kids go to grow and learn. 
  2. How can I nominate a play space? 
    Just click on the “Nominate” button found on our homepage and complete the application. Don’t forget to read our top tips below on what makes a strong application to give you the best chance of success. 
  3. If we nominated our community play space in previous years, are we able to reapply for the current year and future BCAA Play Here programs? 
    Absolutely! All communities are encouraged to submit a nomination. 
  4. What makes a strong nomination? 
    We want you to tell us why your play space needs a makeover and how it will impact your community. Here are some top tips: 
    • Focus on the impact this revitalization will have on your community and really emphasize your specific community needs.
    • Be creative with your nomination to make it standout. Video submissions have the biggest impact but please keep it short! Under two minutes is perfect.
    • In your nomination, make sure you tell us/show us the play space you’d like to see built or revitalized.
    • Have fun! This is all about play, so don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy yourself!
  5. Can I edit my nomination after I have submitted it? 
    Once submitted, you will not be able to edit or change your nomination so please make sure you review the full application before submission.
  6. I submitted a nomination, when should I expect to see it on
    Upon submission of a nomination, you will receive a verification email. Once you have verified your nomination, if the submission is approved by the Play Here moderators, you can expect it to be posted on the BCAA Play Here website within 72hours.
  7. How do the judges narrow down the nominations to the finalists? 
    The judges will carefully review all nominations between April 16th and May 27th and select the top 10 finalists. They will be looking for the most compelling entries based on the following criteria and weightings:
    • The impact the new space will have in the community (50%)
    • Practicality and complexity of the project (30%)
    • Description of how the $100,000 revitalization will be used (10%)
    • Quality, creativity and effort put into the entry (10%) 
  8. How many times can I vote? 
    Each voter can vote every day if they like. Vote once (and only once) on each and all of the following platforms:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google
    • Email  
  9. Who is eligible to vote? 
    Anyone who is 19 years of age or older and a resident of British Columbia can vote.
  10. Will I get notified after every vote I submit? 
    You will not get notified every time you vote but each and every one of your votes will get counted and the BCAA Play Here website will be updated every 24 hours so keep your eyes on the vote counts! Each time you use your email address to vote, you will be required to verify your email before the vote will be counted.
  11. How is the winner chosen? 
    The 3 nominations with the highest number of votes will each receive a revitalization worth up to $100,000. In the event of a tie, those tied entries will be re-judged by the judging panel and a winner selected. 
  12. When will the winners be announced? 
    The 3 winners will be announced on June 21, 2018 on Global News Morning BC. 
  13. What prizes are available this year? 
    This year there are 3 grand prizes with each community winning up to $100,000 in revitalization services. That’s $300,000 for 3 play spaces! 
  14. In previous years, BCAA surprised the Province with runner-up and additional grand prizes, can we expect that again? 
    BCAA Play Here is investing in 3 grand prizes of up to $100,000 revitalization for 2018. There will be no runner-up or additional grand prizes.
  15. I have questions, who can I ask? 
    If you cannot find the answer to your question in these FAQ’s and need further information, feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  16. I see vote sharing websites being used. What methods are allowed to be used to gain votes?
    • We see communities doing well by working together to promote their story within their community and across the province.
    • Groups have used a variety of approaches to widely share their story and inspire other British Columbians to vote for their play space projects. Some examples: social media, media coverage, raffles, community events or personal networking — these activities do fall within the rules.
  17. How are votes verified to make sure they fall within the rules?
    The integrity of the BCAA Play Here initiative is the most important thing to us at BCAA. We use current contest management best practices.
    • Throughout the voting period, we continuously monitor and validate votes through both automated and manual checks.
  18. Once the voting period closes, our validation period gives us additional opportunity to again review all votes to ensure they’re within the rules. Can votes be ineligible?
    Ineligible votes include those that are generated by mechanical or automated programs, purchased votes and votes received from a contest promotion or online voting website.