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Check back on May 28th to see the finalists and vote for your favourite play space!

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Nomination Tips

Putting together a great nomination is the best way to showcase your community’s need and the story of why your play space deserves to be chosen as one of the top 10!  

Follow these helpful tips to ensure that your nomination stands out.

  1. Ensure your nomination is well thought through. When answering the questions, be clear and provide as much background information as possible to tell your story. Think about including information such as:
    • How the space is currently/historically used by your community and by whom.
    • What needs to be repaired, installed, upgraded, etc.
    • Whether there is consent/permission granted from the play area/facility’s legal owner(s) to revitalize the space.
  2. Tell us about your community’s passion & involvement with this project. Make sure to let us know that this play area is, or can become, an integral part of your community:
    • Has your community or any local groups/organizations banded together to raise funds for this project?
  3. Tell us the impact this project can have on your community.
    • How will revitalizing this space enrich the lives of children & families in your community?
  4. Show us what you need! Upload photos or video to show the play space, its repair needs, site plans. Video is a great way to demonstrate your community’s passion!
    • Visuals are impactful and can bring your nomination to life.  
    • Make sure you have permission to use these photos or videos as they will be displayed on