Congratulations 2018 winners!

Congratulations Cache Creek Elementary School Playground, École North Oyster School, and Mackenzie Recreation Centre/John Dahl Park!

British Columbians have spoken. Cache Creek Elementary School Playground, École North Oyster School, and Mackenzie Recreation Centre/John Dahl Park are the winners. Each play space will receive revitalizations worth up to $100,000!

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2016 Play Here Winners:
Lillooet REC Centre and Torquay Elementary. 

It’s amazing what a new play space can do for a community. Last year we revitalized two playgrounds in BC and the results were amazing. Check out how it all came together in Lillooet and Victoria!

Credit: Lillooet News

Lillooet: REC Centre

Lillooet: A town of just 2,300 nestled at the feet of Mounts Brew and McLean and in desperate need of a playground threw its hat in the ring early in BCAA’s 2016 Play Here.

The Lillooet Children First Committee knew how important it was to build a centrally located, accessible to all, safe play space to nurture the developmental needs of its young children. With resources scarce and grants hard to come by, being a BCAA Play Here finalist really brought the community together. 

It all came down to a public vote, and the Lillooet community rose to the challenge. Local people were handing out homemade flyers at the grocery store and regional support came from the Minor Hockey Association spreading the word. As the community came together, amazingly they were able to rally together over 130,000 votes online. 

The community drive didn’t stop there and was integral in both the design and build of the forest themed playground, created to complement the backdrop of the mountains with accessible features for group play and built-in musical elements.

Lillooet’s win is a triumph for community passion!

Victoria: Torquay Elementary 

When an old wooden play structure was deemed unsafe, Torquay Elementary was left with a sad empty space with nowhere for kids to play. Despite the PAC raising funds through as many different avenues as they could they were unable to raise enough money to build the much needed community playground.

When the Victoria community heard about BCAA Play Here they threw determination and passion into the campaign with parents and students canvassing the neighbourhood ensuring local businesses, newspapers and radio stations took notice. 

The overwhelming amount of votes for Torquay Elementary demonstrated the need for a better play space and through BCAA Play Here they were able to receive a brand new, customized playground using the latest in design qualities. 

Torquay Elementary’s new play space includes extraordinary features such as a rotating, multi-level structure that children can climb on or sit in as it spins. The stand-alone spinning structure is the first of its kind in B.C! 

BCAA Play Here saw the school and the local community really join together to strive and achieve something great in making this playground happen. Congratulations Torquay!