Tips For Promoting Your Play Space

Tell everyone you know about your play space, how it will impact the kids and families in your community and why you need their support – then encourage them to vote and spread the word!

  1. Share the details of your play space on various social media channels.
    Better yet, opening a Facebook group page specifically for your play space  helps you share information and photos with supporters. Encourage them to share your page and vote for your play space with their networks.

    Post a message to your community, district, or school board’s Facebook page and ask for their support. Download and use the graphics below for your social media, or create your own!
  2. Send emails to everyone you know.
    Ask them to vote for your project and include a link to the BCAA Play Here website so they can go directly to vote. (Note: Only residents of BC 19 years of age and older can vote.)
  3. Promote your play space offline.
    Distribute flyers and posters to local businesses, schools, and community groups, and get them to help promote the play space with their networks. Download and customize the poster below with your play space name, or create your own!
  4. Contact local media (community paper, radio stations, etc.) to garner attention for your project.
    Local media is often interested to know if something exciting is happening in their community. Getting some PR for your project is a great way to get attention and get readers/listeners voting for your play space.
  5. Demonstrate your community’s passion by working together.
    Get creative and brainstorm other ways to get the word out about your play space and ensure you get the votes!  Great ideas always pop up when a community is working together.

Facebook and Twitter


Posters and Flyers